Illusions Theatre in Lamai, Koh Samui is the perfect place for an evening of entertainment. Our state-of-the-art theatre provides a comfortable and enjoyable experience with 71 auditorium seats that provide our guests with a comfortable environment to enjoy the magic shows.

Our magic shows are all about delivering an unforgettable experience to our guests. Our talented magician performs amazing illusions that will leave you in awe, and the light-hearted humour ensures that everyone has a good laugh along the way.

We strive to make sure all attendees have a great time, which is why we choose not to make anyone feel foolish or embarrassed. With our shows, you can be sure that your group will be captivated by the wonder of magic and laughter.

The show

Are you ready to be amazed?

Come experience the hilarious comedy magic and mentalism show right here in Lamai, Koh Samui.

Enjoy an evening filled with stunning illusions, mind-bending mentalism effects and insane close-up magic. And don’t forget to bring your friends – there’s plenty of audience participation!

With jaw dropping magic, laugh out loud jokes and unbelievable feats of skill, this show will keep you enthralled from start to finish.

The Perfect Balance of Magic, Mentalism and Stage Illusions!

Experience the perfect balance of mind-bending magic, astonishing mentalism and spectacular stage illusions.

Our talented magician will captivate your senses with visual magic, hilarious comedy and thought provoking feats of mind reading!

We guarantee to bring wonder and amazement with our unique combination of comedy, magic and mentalism.

This show encourages audience interaction that will create an unforgettable experience that you are sure to remember forever.



Both performances are sure to keep you entertained and amazed. Our shows feature a variety of stage illusions, parlour magic, mentalism (mind reading) and close-up magic which will leave you astonished.

Our stage effects are designed to be safe yet captivating, while the parlour magic allows for greater audience interaction. Moreover, the mentalism performances will blow your mind as they take audience members on a journey into the unknown.

The close-up magic is next level, performed live on stage inches in-front of the spectators nose. The theatre is equipped with two 75″ HD screens so that the audience can enjoy the same experience as the spectators who join the magician on stage!

With such an exciting range of entertainment on offer, every member of your family or group of friends can experience something truly magical!

Get ready to experience some mind baffling fun entertainment!

“His magic was definitely a mystery, had us all gobsmacked! Highly recommend!”

Clare Friggieri

“Your magic is incredible, you were so much better than we could have imagined!”

Joel & Kezia

“The unanimous verdict was that you were absolutely amazing!”

Pete Tomlinson

Limited seats available

Don’t miss out on the exquisite magic show in the Illusions Theatre, Koh Samui – book your seats now to enjoy spellbinding entertainment and memories that will last a lifetime. Hurry, limited tickets available!